Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts

Design Education

Date of birth:27/March/1949
Place of birth:Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
Education:Bachelor of Design, Musashino Art University
Major:Science of Design

Employment to date

1973 – 83 
Planner, Director of the planning department, GK Industrial Design Incorporated
1985 –
President, Master Plan Limited
2004 - 
Professor, Tohoku University of Art and DesignProfession


  • Product research : research of the future products based on the consumer research and market research
  • Product design planning : planning and counseling for developing products
  • Sales promotion planning : planning, compiling, and directing of making catalogues and business pamphlets
  • Research of the method for product planning and design

Public profession on the move

  • Professor, Tohoku University of Art and Design
  • Lecturer, Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation
  • Part-time teacher, University of Toyama (Former Takaoka National College)
  • Part-time teacher, Musashino Art University

Awarded prizes

G-mark Furniture and Interior department prize of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (for PROJECT CANDY)
West German Design Plus prize (for NOS series)
G-mark prize of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (for KARE)

Illustration of design

Inserted sample on the left is one of the hand-made New Year’s greeting cards. (Year 1995 version) Every member of my family joins to make it offering his or her talent.

  • Title : a bunch of seeds ‘tane-taba’
  • Grower of the various seeds : my parents in Iwate, Masaharu and Yukiko
  • Grower of the seed of Kaki : my mother- in- low in Iwate, Haruko
  • Rice grower with bucket : my younger daughter, Sakura
  • Designer : my older daughter, Fumi
  • Arranger of all the seeds : my wife, Atsuko
  • Copywriter and Photographer : Yuichi

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