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The Japan Design Consultant Association (JDCA) was established in 1996 as the only one nation-wide organization of design consultants in Japan. The Association consists of professional members experienced in design consultation for industrial promotion and business operations, who are capable of supporting value development projects by coordinating qualified designers of various genres and proposing effective solutions supplemented with fresh and innovative ideas.

In this age of advanced information technology, the integration and merger of various specialized fields are constantly in progress, as well as the globalization of business operations is highly developed. Now, in the process of creating new value, “design” that coordinates various specialties, resources and technology to answer the needs of clients regardless of profit-making or non-profit, is most required by today’s all industries. On the other hand, the future society also requires this new design scheme as a more flexible and creative skill arisen from the experience-modeling, which finally transcends the narrow, closed world of the last century’s industry reinforced by the post-war economic growth.

We, design consultants, have been experts highly estimated in our respective fields, and are ready to offer our valuable know-how cultivated by the experiences of past assignments. Furthermore, through the JDCA, a sole organization of experts in design consultancy, we can introduce the most eligible professional for an individual project, and carry out the total and comprehensive management of value development process. Thus, we bring the “new design” method into community reactivation or any business management.

The most critical moment for the creative process is the starting point of various development projects and industrial or social policies. We understand the primary role of a design consultant is to be present at that moment and to give an adequate advice based on his or her own actual experiences. We wish to perform our primary mission as professionals to help new industries and local communities activate themselves more than ever with the most professional and trustworthy consulting skills.


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